Year 3

Assignments Piling up!

I have to submit the following assignments next week

1) Effective people management – Assignment 2 ( Later)

2) Effective people management – Report on visit to Dialogue in the Dark Done ūüôā

3) WISP – Prepare slides for next tuesday’s presentation By tonight

4)Drilling Technology – Power Law model Tutorial Now!

5)Oil & gas Production Technology – Tutorial on Separators Done!

6)Offshore System – Tutorial 5 Halfway done

7) Workplace safety – Prepare slides for next wednesday Presentation – Done!

8) Personal reflection on visit to SAESL Done!

Now who the hell said studying in a polytechnic was going to be easy ?


Lean Bean

I want to get as lean as him!

Life has been really boring for me , Study , Gym , Eat , Sleep . Living such a stagnant life now , i realize that many of my classmates actually forgot the fact that we are still teenagers and we should be out enjoying ourselves instead of always staying at home . Every single day after school , i either head to the gym or head home . Totally no life at all .

Been missing the old times back in secondary school , primary school badly! Even though my grades weren’t good at all back then , in fact I’m always one of the last , but i spend every single day with joy , i often think back about the past and laugh to myself , thinking about the silly things we use to do in classes . Think about how we use to flunk exams together , yet now in my year 3 class , everyone is really hardworking . Everyone wants to ace the paper , I guess it’s peer pressure , i also turned into a bookworm which I’ve never imagine myself to be one .

Check this out! Miss universe world 2008

Some of my other priorities in life now is modeling , just started not long ago , This is my first job , Still looked real Chubby back then , but to me it was amazing how much I’ve progress throughout this whole time , But still i have lots of room for improvements , been getting involved in Pageants stuffs which I’ve regretted joining . Hoping to venture more into Print-ads , Television Commercial and Magazine Shoots , Still a rookie towards that direction but i believe if i persevere , Some day I’ll make it .¬† A note I’ll always remember is to stay Humble and Modest .

Shall end my post here , need to go do my homework again ūüė¶

Back to blogging!

Sorry guys for not updating! I wanted to change to blogspot initially , well suddenly changed my mind and decided to stick to wordpress , anyway i think no one is even reading this dead blog!

It’s been months since i last updated , did i mentioned that i’m not playing basketball already ? I decided to channel all my focus on studies , gyming and other stuffs . Manhunt is coming and i’m one of the contestants . So i’l be training real hard this few days , you’l probably see me most of the time in Ngee ann gym rather than any other places .

It’s mother’s day , and my family is celebrating it as always! How i wish i was not dieting as i want to eat all the nice food my mum never fails to deliver ! Just endure for 2 and the half more months!

I can do it! ūüôā


Chapter 19 ~

For Christmas eve , same as usual , there was a party held at gabriel’s¬†crib . Every year lesser and lesser friends , but closer and closer friends . And so we headed to town to get our exchange presents , town as usual , is damn damn crowded , i guess all singaporeans like to do last minute shopping , after which we headed to gabriel’s house for our feast . Gotta thank her mummy for the delicious porridge specially made for me . Damn niceee ! Played Card games with forfeit as usual. After where we had our exchange present session , Got a Kobe T-shirt! Probably the best present of all! While last year i got the lousiest present ( T-Dog ) if you guys still remember.¬† Was too tired so i slept at 2 on his comfy bed , while the rest was playing Wii , Poh is really cute when he plays wii with fel! Check out the video on facebook! Last of all , just wanna thank gabriel for organising this damn funnnnn partyyy. And for trusting me as a friend , buddy .

Not to forget Christmas Party , every year’s christmas is spend with my family without fail . Got a Calvin klein belt and a Zara sweatshirt this year for christmas present , gotta thank my godmum for it! This year’s party was a simple one , where we had dinner together just like we always do during weekends . Didn’t invite my cousin’s friends over which means an easier life for me . Because if the kids were here , i would have to be the game organiser and organise games for them to play . Think of games . It is really tiring , however watching their smiles , laughter while playing the games was really worth it .

Happy new year wordpress! Gotta apologise again for not updating for sucha long while , new year marks a new¬†chapter¬†for¬† everyone!¬† Countdown this year¬†with my ngee ann bball mates again!¬† This year was way better than last year¬†where we caught the fireworks on kelvin’s car .We decided not to drive there and squeeze with others on the train.Everyone at marina was damn high !¬†Especially the workers , i guess¬†this is the only day where they can get so happy , i’ve no idea why either¬†, whistling and cheering non-stop!¬†we manage to secure a nice spot to catch the fireworks , totally no squeezing plus¬†a niceeeee view . After catching the fireworks was hell where we had to squeeze through the damn crowd to get to PS . Met with the rest and headed to parklane¬†, however we were too late! gotta wait 3 freaking hours for our computer .¬†¬†:”(¬†¬†Met many friends over at parklane , one of the cheapest place you can get Pcs for L4D2!¬† Saw some malaysians fighting outside Parklane , 3 guys wacking one guys . What pussys . The poor guy’s head was bleeding profusely , new year = New scar on his head . Sian ttm . Anyway we played L4D2 all the way till 7am! sorry for making those who never play wait!

Pictures day 2

Genting day 2

After a long sleep , It was day 2 ! Thank god it didn’t rain , so we had our breakfast , After which we headed to the outdoor theme park! We decided to start with the easy rides first before playing the thrilling rides so as not to vomit out all our breakfast , after 4-5 rides , oh no! It began pouring again :/ So we headed into the indoor theme park to try their different kinds of games , games such as Laser Quest , Archery , A few of us even want to try rock climbing but ron’s too heavy! Sometimes too fit also not good . After a while , the rain stopped ! Yay , So we straight away chiong all the fun rides , Spaceshot , Corkscrew is da sexxxxxxxx . After playing for quite sometime , it began raining again ūüė¶ so we decided to end our day . Oh and we saw Jianqing too! Also saw some other friends up there. So we walk around the indoor theme park . Guess what , We were really lucky because there was a special performance by Our very own Asia’s Michael jackson! His name is Jordan sam and he freaking look like mj , except that his english quite cui . So we caught his dance , after that was Q & A . The person who answer the question correctly will get 2 Free tickets , I’ve got 6! Guess why ? You’l see from the pictures below , anyway the sad thing is we couldn’t catch the concert because we need to head to KL to meet the rest , so we had our dinner . After our dinner we took the bus there down to a totally mysterious place ! In other words we are lost . Most of us are already drained playijng for the whole day and imagine we need to carry our ultra heavy bag around . A tired man is an sian man , so all of us was really sian . Took their train around trying to find our way . Lost for 2 hours before we finally met the rest at some weird station .